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MUS-BS - Music


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BS - Bachelor of Science



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02845 - MUS-BS

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The BS degree in Music is intended for musically and academically talented students who have serious ambitions in the field of music performance, teaching, scholarship, or related fields. It provides intensive instruction in the student's major instrument or voice, as well as solid training in music theory, history, technology, and a broad, liberal arts education. Admission to this program is conditional on passing an audition demonstrating a high level of skill in performance. 

 Students accepted into this program generally begin the degree in their second year in the Music major, after the completion of MUS 204, MUS 224, MUS 226 and MUS 244, and MUS 258 for student's wishing to pursue the Music Technology concentration. In addition to performance classes, the degree requires no fewer than four semesters of advanced courses (300-level and above). All sequences begin in the Fall. Prospective majors must plan their programs so that they are prepared to begin major courses in a Fall semester at least three years before they plan to graduate to allow time in the senior year for advanced electives and the completion of a Senior Project. 

 All Music students at CSI begin in the Music Bachelor of Arts degree program. During the second year as a declared music major, students must complete MUS 203, MUS 223, MUS 225, and MUS 243 and must earn a GPA of 2.7 in these Music courses, and must have a GPA of 2.5 overall in order to enter the BS degree program. 

Entry into the BS in Music with a Music Technology concentration requires an application and a special interview/audition.  Applications will be accepted during the student's second year as a declared music major. Students who wish to apply for this program must also submit a digital audio recording no more than 15 minutes in length of examples of the student's most recent work in the field of Music Technology. 

 Entry into the BS concentrations in Performance, Literature, and Theory (Classical or Jazz) requires application and a special audition, usually taken during the second year in the B.A. Auditions for entrance into the BS degree program are held in the Spring semester of the second year, usually in March. 

 To schedule an audition, please call the Department of Performing and Creative Arts at 718.982.2520 at least three weeks prior to the audition date. In preparing for the audition, we suggest that you choose two contrasting selections that best demonstrate your technique and musicianship. These selections should be chosen from the standard classical repertoire and should represent different styles and periods. Memorization is recommended, but not required. Singers should prepare at least one work in a language other than English. All auditioners should also bring copies of the music to the audition to give to the accompanists that will be provided for you. All who audition should be able to read musical notation comfortably. 

For students who wish to pursue a concentration in Classical Performance, French or Italian is recommended. 

In addition to ENG 111 and ENG 151 students must complete any 200-level TALA course in order to register for any music courses at the 300-level and above.