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Two Majors from Different Degree Awards

Students who complete the requirements for two majors from different degree awards have two choices.

In cases where a student completes the requirements for two majors from different award designations, such as majors in Business (BS) and English (BA), the student may be awarded the degree associated with one of the two majors. At the time of degree checkout, only one degree with one major will be awarded. However, for the identification of the second major: a notation of completion of all of the requirements of the second major will reside in the transcript permanent comment section. There is no CUNY-wide or New York State policy that precludes students from pursuing two majors from two different award designations, and the completion of such dual major combinations can be recorded on the student’s academic record and presented on the transcript as a comment. Nor is there a CUNY-wide or New York State policy that prevents coursework taken to complete requirements in one major from also fulfilling requirements in a second major, in cases where there is an overlap of requirements between two majors.

A second option is for students to receive two degrees and two diplomas. In order to be awarded two degrees, such as a BS and BA, students must complete at least an additional 30 credits in residence beyond the standard 120 total credits required for a bachelor’s degree. Under CUNY guidelines, students who have earned a bachelor’s degree will be deemed to have automatically fulfilled the Pathways Common Core as well as the College Option requirements and will need to complete all the major requirements and at least 150 total credits to earn the second degree.

For more information, please refer to the OUR catalog policy on Dual Degrees.