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Center for Career and Professional Development

Building 1A, Room 105, Director:  Caryl Watkins

The Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) contributes directly to the social mobility of College of Staten Island students and alumni by empowering them to be marketable and competitive for life-long career opportunities through the delivery of a comprehensive range of services and individualized support that respects student needs and diversity. The CCPD invites faculty and staff to collaborate with us in engaging students in "career readiness" classroom activities and opportunities that will promotes sustained career and self-development growth and success. Our services include:

  • Year by year Individualized Career Plan (ICP)

  • Career readiness assessments and surveys

  • Career exploration and research

  • Self-brand development

  • Resume and cover letter review

  • Internship advisement

  • Employment consultation

  • Professional networking through on campus and virtual career fairs, employer presentations, internship recruitment events

  • Interviewing and public speaking skill development

  • Experiential and work-based learning opportunities