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Academic Amnesty

Effective fall 2022, undergraduate students who were academically dismissed from the College may request academic amnesty and have all previously-awarded letter grades from CSI (A-F) coded in CUNYfirst to designate that the courses are no longer being calculated in the overall GPA. F grades would receive the same coding, but no credit will be awarded for those courses.

  • Only courses completed in residence at CSI are eligible for academic amnesty.

  • WU, WN, and FIN grades are not eligible for conversion and will remain part of the student’s permanent academic record.

  • F grades received as a result of disciplinary sanctions (e.g. academic dishonesty) are not eligible for amnesty.

  • Academically dismissed students applying for amnesty must have a break of attendance from CSI for a minimum of three (3) consecutive academic years, and upon their approved readmission, they must fulfill the graduation requirements in effect when they are readmitted.

  • Academic amnesty and the resulting conversion of all eligible letter grades must be requested at the time of submitting the official readmission appeal, and cannot be granted retroactively.

  • Students who are approved for readmission under the academic amnesty policy will be restricted to taking no more than 12 equated credits in their first semester of return. Their academic standing will automatically be reviewed at the end of the semester and, if they have met the minimum standard for good academic standing (i.e., cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher), they will be eligible to enroll for up to the established credit limits for subsequent semesters.

  • All courses for which academic amnesty is granted will continue to count in all calculations and determinations of future federal and New York State financial aid eligibility.

  • The standards for maintenance of good academic standing, continuation of probation status, and placement on academic dismissal supersede academic amnesty.

  • Students who apply for and receive amnesty must still meet all academic standards related to graduation, including (but not limited to) minimum GPA requirements for their major and satisfaction of credits completed in residency.

  • Some programs may have additional requirements for re-entry and graduation. Students who receive academic amnesty are strongly encouraged to consult with an advisor from that area at their earliest opportunity upon readmission to the College.

  • Students who receive academic amnesty will not be eligible for graduation with Latin honors.

  • Amnesty for academically dismissed students can only be received once at CSI.