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Permission to Take Courses at Other Colleges

Students wishing to take a course at another college must receive permission in advance if the course is to be credited toward a degree at the College of Staten Island. Permission to take courses at other colleges is granted only to currently enroll matriculated students. Applications for permit, which require the approval of the department chairperson and the Registrar, are available in the Registrar’s Office. Tuition for courses taken on permit at other CUNY colleges must be paid at the College of Staten Island during the regular registration period. The Bursar’s receipt for this registration, together with the approved permit form, will enable students to register at another CUNY college. Tuition and fees for a course taken on permit at a non-CUNY school must be paid directly to the host school. Courses taken on permit will be transferred to CSI with the grade assigned by the host college.

Students on permit must request that a transcript be sent from the host college to the Registrar at the College of Staten Island. A student who registers for permit courses but who is unable to complete the course registration at the host college should officially withdraw from the permit course(s) promptly. The University refund schedule applies to dropping permit credits unless the student presents a letter from the host college that the student was unable to register for the permit courses.