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College Governance

The College Council

The College Council is responsible for furthering the general interests of the College community; for the preservation of academic freedom; for the committees that it supervises; for the convocation of the whole community in town meetings; for debate and recommendations on issues concerning College organization, institutional planning, and budget; and receiving and responding to information regarding educational and political issues affecting the College and University.

The Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate shall be responsible for the principal academic policy decisions of the College including admissions criteria, academic programs, degree requirements, and graduation requirements; and shall participate in decisions on Departmental reorganizations, and academic reorganizations at the college, division, or school level. Recommendations from the Faculty Senate shall be forwarded to the Council and/or the Administration, as appropriate.

Personnel and Budget Committee (P&B)

The College Personnel and Budget Committee shall receive recommendations for appointment, reappointment, reappointment with tenure, certificate of continuous employment, and promotion for members of the instructional staff in the titles of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, instructor, lecturer, and titles in the College Laboratory Technician series, and shall recommend action thereon to the President. It shall also hear appeals from negative Departmental recommendations. The Committee may also recommend to the President special salary increments. The Committee shall also make recommendations on the annual College Budget Request prepared by the President. The President shall consider these decisions in making recommendations on such matters to the Board.

Departmental Committees

Each Department may name such other committees as it chooses and shall have the fullest measure of autonomy consistent with the maintenance of general academic policy.

Student Government

The Student Government represents the needs and aspirations of all students to the faculty, staff and administration at the College of Staten Island. The Student Government sponsors many opportunities for the CSI student community, including the Textbooks for the Library program, the Student Emergency Loan Fund, the Annual Student Leadership Awards Ceremony and various educational, cultural and social events. The Student Government also provides various scholarships and funds such as the Departmental Scholarships, Graduate Assistance Fund, Travel Assistance Fund, Study Abroad Scholarships, Veterans Scholarships, Scholarships for Students with Disabilities and others. Through its Club Commission, the Student Government provides funding and operational assistance to approximately 40 clubs annually, in addition to sponsoring the Club Fair, Club Festival and Club Awards Ceremony.