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Pass/Fail Grading Option

Undergraduate matriculated students of the College of Staten Island have the option to elect a Pass/Fail grade with the following restrictions:

  1. Students may elect the pass/fail option for elective courses ONLY

  2. Courses satisfying general education, pre-major, major, minor, or certification requirements are not eligible for the pass/fail option.

  3. Academic departments may exclude additional courses and may prohibit pass/fail courses from being used as prerequisites for degree requirements.

  4. Courses taken on permit at other institutions and independent study courses may not be taken on a pass/fail basis.

Credit Maximum: The student may not elect more than eight credits (8) total as Pass/Fail. The total number of P grades on a transcript may not exceed 90 credits. This includes all credits transferred from other institutions.

Grading and Grade Point Average: For courses taken as Pass/Fail, letter grades “A through D” are converted to P; letter grades of F remain as F.  A pass “P” grade is not counted in the student’s grade point average. A fail “F” grade is counted in the student’s grade point average.

Prerequisite Academic Standing: A student must be matriculated, with sophomore, junior, or senior standing. Transfer students must have completed a minimum of 12 credits at the College of Staten Island. To elect this option, the student must have a GPA greater than or equal to 2.25.

Deadlines: Students must submit an application for Pass/Fail each semester by the start of the tenth week of classes (the 60% completion point of that semester, with the specific date to be posted in the academic calendar). Students may not elect the pass/fail option retroactively. Once the election of pass/fail has been made, the student may no longer choose to receive a letter grade other than P/F for the course.