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LACLS-MIN - Latin American, Caribbean and Latina/o Studies


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Latin American, Caribbean and Latina/o Studies

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The Latin American, Caribbean and Latina/o Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program with an emphasis in the humanities and social sciences. Students choose courses from the areas of history, languages, literatures, anthropology, sociology, English, international studies, psychology, politics, the performing and creative arts. Students must demonstrate proficiency in a Latin American language (i.e. Spanish, French, Portuguese, or other language with faculty permission) through the 215-level. 

For a minor, students must complete 16 credits of courses and a minimum of 12 credits must be done in residence. 

The goal of this minor is to enhance students’ understanding of Latin American and Caribbean countries and nation-states and their diasporic populations in the United States. Breaking with the traditional boundaries between area and ethnic studies, our program considers the histories of Latin America and the Caribbean from a global perspective, and focuses on the ways in which these histories are involved in contemporary political, social, and cultural realities of diasporic populations. The program is committed to providing academic excellence through a variety of exciting interdisciplinary courses, academic exchanges, cultural events, lectures, and internships. The Latin American, Caribbean, and Latina/o Studies promotes a wide, cross-cultural exchange between CSI students, faculty, and members of the Staten Island and New York City community. The program develops a specialization of knowledge that broadens students’ experiences with multiculturalism and bilingualism. Students who complete the minor will be especially qualified for jobs in teaching, government, social services, and international business. 

Upon completion of the program: 

  • Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the history and contemporary politics, society, and culture of Latin American and Caribbean societies and their diasporas. 

  • Students will be able to critically analyze historiographical, social scientific, political and cultural literature on Latin American and Caribbean societies and their diasporas. 

  • Students will demonstrate a minimum of intermediate-low proficiency in one of the languages of Latin America.