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Degree Designation

BS - Bachelor of Science



NYSED Program Code

02847 - DRAARTS-BS

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This is a liberal arts Drama major. Students will acquire an inter-disciplinary education while simultaneously developing competence in the history, literature, theory, and practice of theater, performance studies, and performance art. The program is especially designed to introduce students not only to traditional acting but to a broad range of performance practices and their many social and professional applications. These include the development of skills in collaboration, creativity, and self-presentation that are valuable in any profession. Students will have the opportunity to participate in faculty and student productions and, with faculty approval, to initiate their own performance/theater projects.

All courses will include both artistic and academic work. All courses require attendance at theater and performance events in Manhattan and Brooklyn. All prospective Drama majors should request an academic advisor from the Drama faculty, and should expect to work with this advisor to maintain a record of academic excellence.


Students must have earned a GPA of 3.0 to gain permission to do a Junior or Senior Project. Students may enroll for these projects with the permission of the Drama Program and the agreement of the faculty who will be mentoring the project.

Upon completion of the program: 

  • Students will have an in-depth knowledge of theatre and performance as a diverse global art form, with long and complex histories in ideas, texts, and performance.  

  • Students will have knowledge of international, classic, and experimental work of the highest caliber with a focus on developing sophisticated discernment of artistic practice.  

  •  Students will be able to think critically and write about theatre and about the world in which the theatre occurs. 

  • Students will be able to use  performance as a tool for educating, healing, and increasing social consciousness. 

  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of theatrical production and be able to participate in the creation of theatre and performance.  

  • Students will be able to build their own creative tools, and to develop work specific to their own interests.