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CCSJ-MIN - Critical Criminology and Social Justice


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Critical Criminology and Social Justice

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The concentration in Critical Criminology & Social Justice (CCSJ) offer students critical approaches to the study of crime, criminality, policing, and incarceration, with attention to social justice issues that arise in these areas (concerning, for example, the place of race, gender, class, disability, age and ethnicity in the justice and prison systems). Students interested in careers in community activism and criminal justice may be interested in these options. 

Upon complete of the program, students will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate a foundation in theories of criminology and social justice.  

  • Apply analytical techniques to critically assess major issues in criminology and social justice  

  • Apply techniques for studying criminality, policing, rights, social justice and violence from multiple perspectives  

  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of contemporary issues related to race, security and urban governance